Apera Software Testing

Developing an application is one big step, the next big step would be testing it to make sure a robust application delivered to your users. With powerful tool such as Klocwork and Vectorcast, we could test your code statically as well as dynamically.

Apera Solution Software Testing Software
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Aspha™ Software

A Fully feature developed Web Based Access Control software by
“Apera Pacific Indonesia” exclusively made for HID™.

"Interactive Web-Based Software, With Thousands Possibilities"          -   Read More About Aspha.


ASPHA Access Control Manager

ASPHA™ Access Control Software is a fully features access control system software that capable to integrate with HID™ Access Control Hardware, Card Access system, Event Alarm Monitoring, Time Attendance, Positions Monitoring, and Schedules Management.



On Demand Features & Custom Integration
HID™ Exclusive
Exclusively made for HID™ Access Control System
Run Anywhere
Web Based system & Mobile Platform View Capability

Apera CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as we all know is a very powerful system to manage your customer, sales, products, support, etc. We will help you from creating the system, input, even maintaining it.

Apera Website Creation

In current business world, website has always been an important requirement. Not only to introduce your company profile, but website also give your business the ability to reach customers further. Apera Website Creation is one of our solution for your business getting one step ahead. Get your own @company.com professional email also included. Click here to learn more.

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Apera Office Support

Apera understands that your business needs office that actually works. Apera Office Support has everything you need. Network Setup and Administration, IT Support, Printing Device, System Troubleshooting, etc.

IT Support
Your own IT Department for you
Network Setup
Professional Network Setup (VPN, LAN, WIFI)
Printer, Copy Machine, Fax All connected in your network
System Setup
Setup all the computing system to make sure it works

Apera Inventory Manager

When your business has many products coming in and out everyday, documentation is always crucial. Apera Inventory Manager is your solution. Using VBA and Excel we develop an application fully customizable for your company.

Apera Android Application

Android Mobile Phone has taken over the world with more than 85% users worldwide. Reaching your clients through their mobile phone is super effective.

Apera E-Commerce

Bring your business small or big into the internet. Apera will make sure that your business exists to the world. Having your own e-commerce website where people could check out your products as well as make a transaction. You could also have your own inventory manager complete with graphs, user management, daily report, etc.